Crystal Properties

Balance · Calming · Sincerity
Amazonite brings balance and peace to your mind. It helps us communicate sincerity to others and ourselves, as well as helps with emotional balance. Hold your Amazonite when you you need to release any negativity you may be feeling. 
Protection · Calmness · Balance
Amethyst is an essential to any collection! Known as the all-healer of crystals, Amethyst is wonderful for aligning your mind and body, helping with stress and anxiety, and can even be used to help prevent nightmares.
Peace · Positivity · Growth
Angelite is known to be a peacemaker and amplifies healing. It encourages you to open your heart up and be kind, as well as compassionate. This gentle stone is also known as the “Angel Stone” as it will take all bad wishes and turn them into positive thoughts.
Apricot Agate
Calming · Nurturing · Joy
Apricot Agate is a type of Botswana Agate that can be used to help bring you to a state of peace and calmness, as well as bring warm and nurturing energy into your home.
Grounding · Connection · Patience
Aragonite is an incredibly grounding stone that provides strength and support during times of stress. It teaches us patience and acceptance, and combats anger and stress. Because it is so calming, it is a wonderful stone to have with you during meditation.
Black Obsidian
Protection · Purification · Grounding
Black Obsidian is known for absorbing any negative energy that comes your way and transforming it into positive energy. It helps rid you of any stress and tension, making it a very calming stone. Carrying Black Obsidian around with you will protect your aura. as well
Black Tourmaline
Protection · Grounding · Calming
Black Tourmaline is one of the most protective stones you can own which makes it an essential piece to own. Because it has such powerful calming and protective energies, Black Tourmaline is a wonderful stone to always carry with you, especially when traveling.
Blue Apatite
Balance · Grounding · Communication
Blue Apatite eases emotions that result from difficult relationships, and tries to help us communicate our feelings without becoming overwhelmed. It is extremely powerful for meditation and for increasing psychic communication with nature.
Happiness · Motivation · Confidence
Carnelian is wonderful for assisting you with positive decision making. It will help you to feel confident as well as empowered. Use Carnelian if you feel that you are in need of a bit of motivation and happiness in your life!
Positivity · Protection · Joy
Citrine is known as a very happy stone as it is thought to hold pure sunlight! It shields against any negative energy that comes your way and while it does not absorb negative energy, it takes it and transforms it into positive, optimistic energy.
Clear Quartz
Clarity · Harmony · Purification
Clear Quartz can be used to enhance psychic intuition and assist with spiritual growth. It also is a wonderful crystal for meditation and manifestation, especially when looking for a bit of clarity.
Druzy Agate
Positivity · Self-Love · Confidence
Druzy Agate can be used to help boost your confidence and bring you positivity. It can be used to help you shine in every way possible, so for anyone who would love a little reassurance and sparkle in their life, this is your go to crystal!
Flower Agate
Self-Growth · Motivation · Healing
Flower Agate is a wonderful crystal for anyone going though big transitional periods in life and growing as a person. Much like its name, it is used to help you blossom into the you that you're meant to be.
Protection · Intuition · Clarity
Fluorite will captivate you with its beautiful colors! It is wonderful for intuition and improving mental clarity and is very good for protection. Fluorite will even glow under UV light!
Golden Healer
Positivity · Healing · Cleansing
Golden Healer is a master healer, meaning that it helps with absolutely anything. It helps bring positive energy into your life and increases self-confidence. Golden Healer can also help to rebalance your energy and connect you to your higher self.
Green Aventurine
Luck · Growth · Positivity
Green aventurine is your good luck stone! It can be used to help create new opportunities in your life, help you to motivate yourself, and achieve your goals. It is wonderful every-day crystal to have with you!
Grounding · Protection · Balance
Hematite is highly regarded for its grounding and protective qualities. This metallic-gray stone is often used to stabilize and balance the body and spirit, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration. It is believed to enhance concentration and focus, making it useful for those who need to organize their thoughts or who face challenging tasks. Hematite also supports connection with the root chakra, fostering a sense of safety and security.
Protection · Positivity · Strength
Labradorite is a stone of protection and will deflect all negative energy. Legend has it that Labradorite has the Aurora Borealis inside of it, reminding us that in times of darkness, there will always be light.
Cleansing · Calming · Guidance
Lepidolite clears your space of all negative energy and rids you of any messages from your past that are keeping you from moving forward. It will help to balance you emotionally and spiritually and will bring you calming energy in times of stress and anxiety.
Calming · Soothing · Balance
Magnesite is especially helpful for people always on the go as it helps to calm overwhelming and anxious feelings. It provides a sense of support and calmness during times of transition or stress and brings peace to your mind.
Protection · Grounding · Guidance
Malachite is an incredibly protective stone and is extremely powerful. It absorbs negative energy while grounding spiritual energy, and cleanses the aura. It is wonderful to bring with you when you travel or are on the go!
Mangano Calcite
Balance · Healing · Peace
Mangano Calcite can be used to help you open up your heart and heal. It allows you to make room for yourself to grow and will assist you in loving and accepting yourself. Mangano Calcite is also known for its gorgeous hot pink glow under UV light.
Moss Agate
Grounding · Stability · Balance
Moss Agate helps to find deep inner peace while enhancing spiritual and emotional growth. It helps you connect with both you and nature, and aids in manifestation.
Ocean Jasper
Self- Reflection · Happiness
Ocean Jasper can be used to help you find happiness, encourage patience, and help heal emotional ups and downs. Like the waves in the ocean, Ocean Jasper helps you to go with the flow.
Healing · Soothing · Focus
Prehnite is known as the stone that heals the healer. It is great for people who have troubles concentrating as it is said to hold left-brain energy. It is also known to help with dream recollection if you hold it with you after you wake up.
Protection · Confidence · Intuition
Pyrite is a protective stone that can be used for manifestation, especially for wealth. It can also be used to block EMFs, which is especially important with technology today.
Red Jasper
Grounding · Protection · Stability
Red Jasper helps to calm overwhelming emotions and help resolve conflict. It helps to ground and empower its holder, making it a wonderful stone to carry with you always. Placing a Red Jasper tumble under your pillow at night can even help with dream recollection.
Support · Balance · Forgiveness
Rhodonite helps us to learn forgiveness, especially for ourselves. It offers support when we have feelings of self-sabotage or self-doubt and promotes self-love and emotional balance. Meditate with your Rhodonite when you need a reminder to love yourself.
Rose Quartz
Compassion · Unconditional Love
Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of love. Whether it be for self-love, friendship, or love in a blooming or existing relationship, this is your go-to crystal to manifest all the love!
Cleansing · Guidance · Wisdom
Selenite is known as a universal charger, as it can recharge the energy of your other crystals! It also helps you to connect with angels and spirit guides as well as enhances wisdom.
Smoky Quartz
Protection · Transformation
Smoky Quartz can be used to help you see life more optimistically and will ward off any bad luck that comes your way. Smoky Quartz can also be used to help you stay grounded and connect with the Earth's energy.
Snowflake Obsidian
Protection · Cleansing · Soothing
Snowflake Obsidian helps us to take our negative feelings and express them creatively. It teaches us to value all of our decisions, even our mistakes, without feeling guilty. Carry your Snowflake Obsidian around with you for protection from negativity.
Intuition · Balance · Truth
Sodalite helps us be intuitive and brings us information from the higher mind. It helps to find the real you and eliminates any self-doubt while helping us find a place of peace in our emotions. It reminds us to accept and trust ourselves to the fullest.
Tiger’s Eye
Confidence · Balance · Luck
Tiger’s Eye is wonderful for success and balance. It is an essential to have with you when at work or school, or when starting a new project or job. Not only does Tiger’s eye encourage personal power, but it attracts happiness and fulfillment too!